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The tax plan makes it a lot more attractive to make a bicycle (electric or otherwise) available to your staff. In 2020 a fixed addition will be introduced, as is the case already for lease cars.

From 1 January 2019 the low VAT rate of 6% will increase to 9%. We recommend that you take this into account when preparing quotations for 2019 and in the set up of your financial accounting for 2019.

In our newsletter you will probably have already seen that the Tax Plan 2019 states that the 30% facility will be cut from eight to five years. No transition arrangements for this have as yet been made. This means that those whose 30% facility which began before 1 January 2014 will lose it from 1 January 2019. 

The tax plan provides more clarity about how the rates for income tax and corporation tax will change. This provides a good basis for income planning. Here are some possibilities to consider.

The government recently presented its plans for 2019. The economy is currently in excellent shape while employment has been growing in recent years. The present government is also in a better position financewise than the last government and they claim that this is reflected in the latest budget and proposed fiscal measures. This newsletter is devoted to the most notable tax legislation that has been proposed.