In our previous SAS Alert we explained the possible consequences of a no deal Brexit. On February 4, the State Secretary of Finance Menno Snel announced a fiscal transitional scheme in case of a no deal Brexit.

The fiscal scheme entails that for tax and social security purposes, it will be assumed that  the United Kingdom will not have left the European Union. A no deal Brexit would otherwise have as an effect that, for example, citizens who live in the United Kingdom and pay taxes in the Netherlands, will lose their right on levy rebates and certain deductible items such as the mortgage interest deduction. For some tax regulations it is important if you live in or outside a European Union member state. The scheme will be applicable for individuals as well as for businesses and will especially serve to relieve administrative burdens.

In principle, the fiscal transitional scheme will apply for the remainder of the year 2019. How it exactly will be given substance, remains to be seen.

Action points:

  • No action is required at the moment. As soon as more information is available, we will inform you.

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February 2019